Moose Mountain

Brookfield, New Hampshire

The other day, while returning from Cranmore, I decided to look for Moose Mountain.  I had visited the area once before and thought that I would remember how to get there.  I was right.

Moose Mountain was a medium sized area in Central New Hampshire.  It was accessible from Route 16.  I followed the signs for Brookfield and then turned on to Moose Mountain Rd.  It was about a mile out this road on the left hand side.  I did not see anything posting the area until I drove down the access road, then there were a couple signs on the gate, so I took pictures from there. 


From what I know, the area ran from sometime in the 60's to sometime in the 80's.  Considering that it has been closed for greater than 10 years it still was fairly clear.  It appeared as if the lift cables were still in place but I could not tell if chairs or t-bars still existed.  There was a double chair there and 2 t-bars, there may have also been a rope or two.  Night skiing was offered and some of the light towers could be seen at the edges of trails.  The lodge and other buildings seemed to be taken care of, and a woman that I saw excercising her dogs near the access road said that the caretaker lived in the lodge.

I have an old map of the area and there is more information available at NELSAP.

Unfortunately, the bright sun on this day left some streaks through the pictures, but here are some more.

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